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Dr. Ozgur Araz quote - I believe students get the best training here for increasing 
their analytical skills. The degree possibilities allow students 
to work anywhere they want, whether it’s in manufacturing, 
financial analysis or the health care industry.  Dr. Ozgur Araz - 
Assistant Professor of Business Analytics and 
Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute Faculty Fellow
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Business

Supply Chain Management Curriculum

Required Courses Course Title
SCMS 335 Supply chain decision making models
MRKT/SCMS 346 Distribution channels management
SCMS 431 Enterprise management systems
SCMS 432 Supply chain planning and control systems
MRKT 444/SCMS 444 Supply chain logistics
SCMS 439 Global sourcing and distribution
SCMS 474 Strategic supply chain management

Elective courses - Choose Four Course Title
SCMS 434 Lean supply chain operations
SCMS 436 Project management
SCMS 447 Supply chain technology
SCMS 437 Supply chain risk management
ACCT 308 Managerial accounting
FINA 375 Financial statement analysis
MNGT 311 Leadership, communication and teams
SCMS 452 Database orientation and management
SCMS 454 Information systems analysis and design
SCMS 458 Electronic business
SCMS 459 Global information technology and IS
MRKT 345 Marketing research
MRKT 425 Retail management
MRKT 450 Strategic database marketing

Creating Value for Customers

Supply chain management includes all the steps that must take place from raw materials extraction to consumer purchase, ensuring the right product is in the hands of the right consumer at the right time. Supply chain management professionals are involved in every facet of the business process, striving to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by building and delivering products and services better, faster and cheaper. Therefore, supply chain management focuses on:

    Smart Phone Logistics
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Purchasing
  • Product assembly
  • Moving
  • Storage
  • Distribution
  • Sales
  • Customer service

Supply chain management professionals play important roles in a variety of organizations including manufacturers, retailers, transportation companies, third party logistic firms, health care delivery, government agencies and service firms. Firms worldwide in all sectors of the economy recruit supply chain management graduates. As a supply chain professional, an individual could pursue a career in purchasing, logistics, new product delivery, global sourcing and procurement, quality management, inventory control, traffic analysis, operations and supplier retail management.

Competitive pressures and sophisticated consumers demanding innovative and speedy solutions characterize today’s global business environment. Understanding and optimizing business processes is the cornerstone of success and is the reason supply chain professionals are in strong demand.


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