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We believe learning should be an inspiring experience that gives you the tools and confidence to lead in today's uncertain world. Our non-degree executive certificate programs bring you to the very center of business, immerse you in action-oriented learning, and provide you with new insight and tools to bring visionary leadership to your organization.

Our facilitators are highly-respected and experienced, and use research-backed, practice-oriented learning to enable skill development. You will leave our programs ready to face tough organizational challenges and produce results.

Each of our programs are flexible and designed for high-impact. Our programs allow busy professionals an opportunity to gain the education and practice they need to accelerate their careers and grow their organizations.

Customizable Programs

Make your organization increasingly competitive and profitable by partnering with us to design a program that is specifically targeted to your company’s strategies and objectives. Through collaborative partnership, we can create a high-impact curriculum that allows your company’s talent to gain critical knowledge and expertise to help drive critical change in your organization.

We are able to tailor program modules for any level and/or functional area of your organization:

Leadership Modules

• Corporate Strategy
• Decision Making
• Leading Innovation and Growth
• Leadership Brand
• Lean Leadership
• Psychological Capital / Positive Leadership
• Sales Leadership

Management Modules

• Change Management
• Finance and Accounting
• Economics and the Business Environment
• Innovation and Growth Management
• Lean Management
• Macroeconomics
• Marketing
• Negotiation
• Project Management
• Sales Excellence
• Supply Chain Excellence

Executive Education Kathy Farrell Talking to Exec Ed Students
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Brian Baugh

Savvy Financial Tips for Retirement Planning
with Dr. Brian Baugh

Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., at Noah’s Event Venue, 17121 Marcy St, Omaha, Nebraska

Americans are increasingly left to their own devices to figure out how much to save, how to invest and where to invest with the transitioning from defined benefit (i.e. pension) plans to defined contribution (i.e. 401k) plans. Dr. Brian Baugh, assistant professor of finance, will discuss various aspects of prudent financial planning one should consider. Topics include a brief overview of the U.S. tax code, tax minimization strategies, selection of Roth vs. Traditional 401k/IRA plans, effective marginal tax rates (what are they and why they matter), portfolio allocation, selection of professional financial planners and recommended resources to use in your journey.

Program Cost Per Lunch: $60

Includes lunch and parking

Troy Smith

Competing Demands of Work and Life: How to Effectively Achieve Work-Life Balance for Oneself, Others and Millennials?
with Dr. Troy Smith

Wednesday, August 16, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., at Noah’s Event Venue, 17121 Marcy St, Omaha, Nebraska

Today’s hypercompetitive work environment is forcing employees to shoulder heightened levels of responsibilities and job demands, which is leading to burnout in the workplace and at home. In turn, it is common for employees to dramatically struggle to excel at work and simultaneously maintain a high quality of life outside of work. Dr. Troy Smith, assistant professor of management, will lead a discussion on the importance of work-life balance in the workplace and how to strategically manage others to help them attain work-life balance, with a particular focus on the work-life expectations of millennial employees.

Program Cost Per Lunch: $60

Includes lunch and parking

Samantha Fairclough

Managing Creativity
with Dr. Samantha Fairclough

Wednesday, August 23, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., Executive Education Facilities in the College of Business, 14th and Vine Street, Lincoln

The need to be creative at work has never been more urgent. Yet creativity is often seen as an elusive talent possessed by only a few gifted people. The truth is we can all be creative, and there are practical ways to develop individual and organizational creativity. Dr. Samantha Fairclough, associate director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Nebraska, will help you to identify your specific creative strengths, select the most effective practices to produce innovations and add value, and build the teams you need for the successful implementation of new ideas.

Program Cost Per Lunch: $60

Includes lunch and parking

Dr. Laura Poppo

How to Play the Strategy Game through Design Thinking
with Dr. Laura Poppo

Wednesday, August 30, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., Executive Education Facilities in the College of Business, 14th and Vine Street, Lincoln

What do Airbnb, Uber, millennials and fake news have in common? They will transform for the next 30 years most companies and business models in ways that we simply cannot predict. How do you, as a strategic leader, position your company for the future when it is not obvious what the ‘right’ or ‘best’ path is? You can embrace a bold, transformational way of problem solving which may remind you of moments of play as a kid. Dr. Laura Poppo, professor of management, will discuss what design thinking is about, how ‘playing through design’ shapes learning and solutions, and why design thinking is trending now.

Program Cost Per Lunch: $60

Includes lunch and parking

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