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Current Students


Below is the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Student Accounts refund policy. This table applies to eight-week courses.

Refund % % of calendar days passed
100% 0.000% - 7.408%
75% 7.409% - 10.256%
50% 10.257% - 16.239%
25% 16.240% - 22.222%
0% 22.223% - 100%

The refund policy is calculated based on the percentage of calendar days that have passed since the first day of class. This percentage is based on the number of calendar days in the term and this total will vary by term.. When you try to drop, the MyRED system will tell you the exact refund you will receive.


Students will use MyRED to register and pay for classes each term.

The registration system is based on the traditional on-campus semester schedule. The GRBA classes run on unique, 8-week terms. Students who plan to enroll in more than one 8-week term per semester must register for both terms before the start of the traditional semester.


Time to file your Memorandum of Courses

  1. Fill out the top with your personal information.
  2. Check the MA box.
  3. Write "Business" on the Major line.
  4. Write your "MAIAA" or "Business Administration" specialization on the provided line
  5. If you were admitted provisionally due to having deficiencies (i.e. had not met the prerequisites of calculus and/or statistics), list the prerequisites under Courses to Remove Deficiencies and indicate the grade you received.
  6. You must receive a C or better.
  7. List the required courses under Major Courses.
  8. The MOC must be filed prior to completion of half your program.
  9. Email the completed MOC to your advisor, who will then file it with Graduate Studies once it is approved.


Loans are credited to your student account each semester at the point you reach half-time status (4 or more hours). You can check your To Do List in MyRED to see requirements and accepted financial aid. If your semester financial aid award exceeds your charges, a refund check will be mailed to you at your local address about 14 days after your aid is credited to your student account unless you enroll for DIRECT DEPOSIT of your check. Enroll for direct deposit via your MyRED account. If you have questions, contact the Financial Aid Office (402) 472-2030.


Tuition statements are available for viewing online via MyRed. Monthly bills are posted by the 25th of each month and due the 12th of the next month.

Payment Options
  • Bills can be paid through MyRed, by Check, Bank Bill Pay, Credit Card, 529 Plan, Foreign Currency, Money Order or Personal Check

Business Career Center

Picture of a Career Coach with a student

The College of Business at Nebraska has a dedicated team of career coaches to help our business students achieve their career goals. Our career coaches are ready and willing to help our on-campus and online students in a variety of ways.


Approximately six months before you plan to graduate you should begin familiarizing yourself with the details, requirements, and deadline dates of those requirements.

  1. If you still have "Incomplete" grades, they will need to be cleared at least 30 days prior to graduation.
  2. You will need to submit an Application for Graduation approximately 90 days prior to graduation. The form is in MyRed. The fee is $25.
  3. Once approved by Graduate Studies for graduation, our office will then register you for GRBA 098 - MBA Assessment. GRBA 98 is comprised of two surveys. It is a zero (0) credit hour course. You will be emailed more instructions from the College of Business Graduate Programs Office for completing this requirement once you are registered.
  4. The Final Exam Report will be submitted by the College of Business Graduate Programs Office.

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