MAIAA Welcome

Donde Plowman and Shawn Eichorst
Shawn Eichorst and Donde Plowman

MAIAA Welcome

At most universities the academic side of the house and the athletic side of the house actually don’t have much to do with each other. In the College of Business we embrace the opportunity to collaborate with the Nebraska Department of Athletics because running a successful athletic department is about operating a complex business.

Donde Plowman
Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer for Academic Affairs

Collaborating with the College of Business – one of the finest business colleges in the Big Ten – and taking a leadership role in helping prepare the next wave of intercollegiate athletic administrators is central to the mission of the University of Nebraska Department of Athletics. The program curriculum and talented lectures, coupled with a one-year internship in Huskers Athletics, will uniquely prepare graduates for a successful career in intercollegiate athletics.

Shawn Eichorst
University of Nebraska Director of Athletics