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Advancing the Practice of Professional Sales

The mission of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Sales Excellence is to shape the future of personal selling and sales management by providing advanced instruction to students, creating mutually beneficial relationships within the business community, and generating high-caliber sales research for the benefit of our partner companies.

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Named a 2018 "Top University for Professional Sales Education" by the Sales Education Foundation (SEF), this program contributes to the success of students and business partners. The Nebraska Undergraduate Certificate Program in Sales Excellence has been named a "Top University for Professional Sales Education" each year since inception in 2014-15.

Your Major + Sales Skills = A Competitive Edge

Learn how you to sell yourself to employers, pitch your ideas, and influence others. The coursework in the Certificate in Professional Selling program will enable you to be more productive and more influential, no matter what career path you choose.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the top skills employers are seeking in job candidates include the ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders inside and outside the organization, make decisions, solve problems, plan, organize, and prioritize work, obtain and process information, and influence others.

Through the Center for Sales Excellence certificate program, you will learn and practice all of these skills, making you an exceptionally strong job candidate – and helping ensure a successful career.

Business Major

Gain a competitive edge in your field.

  • Whether you are in accounting, actuarial science, agribusiness, economics, finance, management, marketing, or supply chain management, there is some form of selling in every job.
  • Sales communication training develops skills desired by employers and increases your market value.
  • "There are a lot of brilliant people in business who cannot communicate with others. When they attempt to become managers, we have to replace them with the kind of people who can communicate.” CEO of a California corporation

Non-Business Major

Gain a competitive edge for your future.

  • Sales is a crucial component of every industry. Regardless your chosen profession, sales skills are a tremendous asset that can give you a distinct competitive advantage throughout your career.
  • As a non-business major, this is a great set of skills to list on your resume.
  • Completing a Certificate in Professional Selling proves to potential hiring companies that you have strong communication skills, good relationship-building abilities, and that you will be an influential contributor.
Sales Students in Sales Lab room.


Students may earn a certificate from the College of Business in Professional Selling by completing 13 credit hours of required coursework. An advanced certificate in Professional Selling is also available for students who complete an additional 3 credit hours of relevant coursework. Any and all majors are welcome to apply for admittance to the program by taking the first course in the program, Sales Communication – MRKT 257 which is an ACE 2 class.

The certificate and advanced certificate will be awarded by the College of Business. Both complement the student's existing major/minor and serve as a formal recognition that the student has satisfactorily completed the course requirements listed below. Certificates will not be listed on the student's transcripts. However, given the value of the certificates' curricula to prospective employers, students will benefit by mentioning these certificates on their resume.

Required Coursework - Semester I
MRKT 257 – Sales Communication
(3 credit hours)
ACE 2 Designated Class
This is the first course in our Professional Selling program, and is designed to teach you about sales communication, including communicating with stakeholders internal and external to the organization. We will focus on the role of personal selling and review the different aspects of the sales task and how to accomplish these jobs effectively and efficiently.

Students apply for the Sales Certificate Program when they are enrolled in (or have already completed) MRKT 257.
Required Coursework - Semester II
MRKT 357 – Advanced Professional Selling
(3 credit hours)
You will be treated as a professional – with all the rights and responsibilities that go along with that. This class is intended to simulate a real world selling environment.
MRKT 457 – Advanced Professional Selling
(3 credit hours)
This course focuses on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as it applies to sales: identifying good prospects, customer acquisition, customer development via up-selling, cross-selling and personalization, and customer attrition, retention and lifetime value. In addition, students will receive specific training in the Salesforce and HubSpot CRM systems, which will strengthen their technical selling skills and can be included on their resume.
MRKT 371 – Sales Practicum I
(1-3 credit hours)
Students will be exposed to the organizational culture and opportunities provided by CSE Partners and learn what they look for in potential employees.
Students will also read and discuss topical sales books (like “The Challenger Sale” by Adamson and Dixon) to broaden their sales knowledge and hone their selling skills.
Required Coursework - Semester III
MRKT 458 – Sales Force Management
(3 credit hours)
This course provides broad exposure to sales management issues and explores the ramifications of various solutions to some typical sales management problems.
Advanced Professional Sales Certificate Additional Coursework
MRKT 460 – Key Account Selling This general objective of this course is to enhance your selling ability in major accounts by building long-term relationships that ensure your company is always the preferred supplier for the product or service you are selling.

Sales Excellence Laboratory

As part of the Sales Center program, students use state-of-the art facilities located in the College of Business Center for Sales Excellence role-play lab. With seven role-play rooms equipped with one-touch recording technology, students have the ability to role-play, review, and revise their work, which helps them apply and practice their selling skills.

The sales labs also provide a means for professors to view and evaluate selling skills and techniques. Students also have the ability to download their role-plays for personal use, and can include digital resumes and videos to share with potential employers.

Sales Students in Sales Lab room.

Sales Students

Join a Community

As part of the Sales Center program, students enjoy the tight-knit community that develops from being in the same classes and participating in the same sales projects.

Kathleen O'Toole outside Howard L. Hawks Hall
Kathleen O'Toole
Senior marketing major

We work in collaborative groups and the students really bond in this program to where you know everyone in a closer way than normal classmates.

Build Real-World Skills

Learning how to build relationships, communicate, and persuade effectively will help you advance more quickly. Mike Steinerd, Director of Recruiting at a leading job website, notes the top 7 soft skills employees are looking for are:

  • 1. Acting a team player
  • 2. Flexibility
  • 3. Effective communication
  • 4. Problem-solving and resourcefulness
  • 5. Accepting feedback
  • 6. Confidence
  • 7. Creative thinking

The Center for Sales Excellence will provide you with many opportunities to build and strengthen these skills so you will be ready for the interview – and ready for the job.

Cole Weers studying
Cole Weers '17
Advanced sales certificate recipient

The sales process we studied helped me prepare for meetings and engagements during my internship with Cox Automotive Inc., in Atlanta. I knew from these classes there is more to sales than just selling. It’s also about building rapport and a relationship with the client, as well as understanding their business so you can present something to them that fits their needs and helps them become successful.

Realize Opportunity

As a sales center student, you will connect with companies that are recruiting for talent and provide a variety of opportunities for internships and full-time careers. Networking events on and off campus will also help introduce you to the talented people behind world-class sales organizations.

Students also have access to special scholarships, including the Richard W. Chapin Scholarship. Mr. Chapin ’46, provides scholarships to sales students because he believes in the importance of strong selling skills. In fact, he began a career in media sales in 1953 and later became a pioneer in the world of television and radio through his leadership at Stuart Broadcasting.

Richard Chapin profile photo
Richard Chapin
Nebraska media pioneer

I started the Chapin scholarship program because I believe in the sales profession. When I speak to students I explain a good sales person never wants for a job. The Center for Sales Excellence is a way to give stature to the profession and the scholarships are my way of giving back to the College of Business.

With access to a wide-variety of companies and generous scholarships, Sales Center students have the opportunity to realize significant benefits from the program.

Trevor Willenborg profile photo
Trevor Willenborg
Senior marketing and international business major

The Center for Sales Excellence provided me the foundation I need to build a career. Professors provide supportive context for what you’ll experience in the field like the sales internship I have in Omaha at Buildertrend. It also helps working with high-achieving students in collaborative groups who aren’t afraid to work outside their comfort zone.

Corporate Involvement

The Center for Sales Excellence works closely with corporate partners that provide generous support to the program and our students.

These partners not only help support the mission of the Center, but also contribute to the professional development of our students by attending events, participating in course projects, mentoring, and regularly speaking in the classroom.

In return, our Partners build strong relationships with our sales students and also have the opportunity to engage in custom research projects with our faculty members.

Partner Companies and Advisory Board Members

The Center for Sales Excellence Advisory Board is composed of select business leaders from a variety of impactful companies in the Nebraska community. Board members provide invaluable support in helping to shape the program and give students maximum opportunities to learn and grow in the sales profession.

If you are interested in learning more about Corporate Partnerships, please contact Chad Mardesen.

If you are interested in learning more about Custom Research, please contact Ravi Sohi.

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