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Semester and cumulative grade point averages can be computed using the calculator below. Grades of "P", "N", "I", "W", and "NR" are not used in computing grade point averages. Fill out your estimated letter grades and credit hours below to find your semester GPA. Supply your cumulative credit hours and GPA to see how the estimated semester GPA effects your overall GPA. Enter your desired GPA to see how many hours of 4.0 work it would take to achive it.
Grading Scale used by the University of Nebraska
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* These calculators are for estimation purposes only. Official student records are accessible using MyRED.

Grading System

The University uses an A through F grading system. The letter grades with point values are:

A+ = 4.0
B+ = 3.33
C+ = 2.33
D+ = 1.33
A = 4.0
B = 3.0
C = 2.0
D = 1.0
A- = 3.67
B- = 2.67
C- = 1.67
D- = 0.67

A letter grade of W (withdrew in good standing), I (incomplete), P (passing with a C or better), and N (no pass) may also be given. W, I, P, and N are not assigned grade points and are not used in computation of a student’s grade point average. A designation of “No Report” is simply the absence of any letter grade indication.