About Us

About Us

Meet Our Team

Larson, Rachel
Director of Business Career Center
HLH 141 V
Timm, Chris
Associate Director of Employer Experience and Outreach
HLH 141 U
Spier, Celeste
Associate Director for Career and Professional Development
HLH 141 S
Hageman, Janessa
Assistant Director
HLH 141 P
Hauge, Katie
Assistant Director
HLH 141 T
Sewell, Katie
Assistant Director
HLH 141 R

Nebraska Career Services Info

The Nebraska Career Services office helps students in all majors and colleges make academic and career decisions, gain experience and pursue employment or further education. Use the following links for additional resources to information on the Nebraska Career Services website.

2015-2016 Annual Report

Review our annual report.

Business Career Center Mission and Vision

The Business Career Center delivers innovative services and programs to develop confident, professional, and connected business students for lifelong career success.

The Business Career Center will be a national leader in preparing business students for lifelong career success.