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Contact Summary
Move to Aligned Reporting Structure with ITS (OneIT) In Progress David Hartline As announced in University budget reduction initiatives, academic IT units will move to an aligned dual report role with University IT
Audit CoB Network Printers Complete Ty Biggerstaff Audit the model, configuration, and location of all network printers in CoB
Factiva Proposal Complete David Hartline & Jeff Sherrill Prepare a proposal for the Deans Office concerning the procurment of Factiva
Provide Security Training Complete David Hartline Provide UNL Police led security training for CoB faculty and staff.
Instructional Designer Office Relocation In Progress Amanda Colborn Move the instructional designers to office locations in the TLC
MBA Video Revitalization Project - Round 2 In Progress Davis Podany Prepare new distance MBA videos
Prepare Technology for Hawks Hall Power Outages Complete Eli Morton Hawks Hall will experience a power outage on Dec 9 due to maintenance work. Some IT equipment may be sensitive to this work.
Coordinate Classroom Response Systems  In Progress Jeff Sherrill Investiagate iClicker, TopHat, and other student response and attendance systems in the College of Business. Identify possible best practices.
Define NU wide PC standards with ITS UNL/UNK/UNO, Round 1 Complete Jeff Sherrill Work with NU IT to define system wide computer standards to save on IT spend system wide.
Install an AED in Hawks Hall Complete Amanda Colborn Install an AED in the new building.
Install Remaining Donor Recognition Signage Pending Amanda Colborn Work with Advent to install remaining donor recognition signage.
Breakout Room Display Outlets Complete Davis Podany Finish installing display outlets in the breakout room furniture to allow students to connect to the TVs.
Advent Digital Displays Complete Davis Podany Work with Advent to improve the up time of digital displays in Hawks Hall.
Improve Accessability in Hawks Hall - Round 1 Complete Amanda Colborn Upgrade identified doors to improve accessability access.
Bring Hawks Hall Classrooms to Full Order Complete Lance Schendt Resolve outstanding issues in classrooms. Latest inspection data.
Bring Hawks Hall Conference Rooms to Full Order In Progress Cody Rieken (Student worker with Jeff Sherrill) Finish set up and resolve any outstanding issues in the conference rooms. Latest inspection data.
Conduct Hawks Hall Warranty Maintenance In Progress Amanda Colborn Conduct documentation and project management for warranty repairs for CoB
Install "Alertus" Program on Classroom Computers


Jeff Sherrill Install "Alertus" program on classroom computers to improve emergency communication
Review CoB Databases In Progress Jeff Sherrill Review CoB databases. Migrate some to UNL libraries, if possible.
Improve Emergency Procedure Signage in Classrooms Complete Amanda Colborn Improve emergency procedure signage in classrooms
Migrate CoB From Citrix to VMWare Complete Jeff Sherrill As required by UNL ITS, migrate CoB from Citrix to VMware for virtualized applications
Investigate UPS in Classrooms In Progress Eli Morton Investigate the possibility of installing uninterruptible power supplies in Hawks Hall classrooms to protect classroom PCs from power issues.
Update New User Request Forms & Workflow On Hold Jeff Sherrill
Update new user request forms with additional data and enable HR to interact with IT & Facilities tickets that are generated
BCC Videoconference Interview Capability Implimentation Complete Cody Rieken (Student worker with Jeff Sherrill) Install systems in BCC interview rooms to allow videoconference interviews.
Onboard CMER to a Ticketing System for Event Management On Hold David Hartline
Work with CMER to develop an event request form and use a ticketing system for event
request and project management.
Adopt Duo in CoB In Progress David Hartline
To improve security, prepare, train, test, and impliment duo ( as a deployed dual factor authenication solution for the
Perform CoB IT Risk Assessment On Hold Jeff Sherrill As requested by UN ITS, perform a risk assessment on CoB IT.
Reduce Desktop Printer Use in Hawks Hall Pending David Hartline
As required by the University budget reduction initiatives, significantly reduce the use of desktop printing in CoB.
1: Review the current state of HP and Dell network printers and Canon multifunction
devices in the building and fill any gaps. In Progress
2: Formalize and announce the reduction plan. Pending
3: Cease the procurment of any new desktop printer toner. Continue to deploy toner from
current stock until depleted. Pending
4: Remove printers for auction as their remaining toner is depleted. Pending
Login Script to Group Policy Migration Complete Eli Morton
As required by UNL ITS, remove login scripts from all CoB employee accounts and begin mapping network drives using a different method.
Enable Cable TV Service in Hawks Hall In Progress Davis Podany
Work with Spectrum and UNL ITS to install cable boxes and ensure active cable service in areas in CoB previously specified as needing cable service.
Delayed areas: 310, 301J, 002G, 123J, 302, 301C, west entrance reception, trading room
feeds, Auditorium A, Auditorium B,311H
Partially complete areas: 411, 327 (staff lounge), 427 (faculty lounge)
Onboard Digital Signage in Hawks Hall Complete Davis Podany

Work with CMER, Facilities, and UNL ITS to get all digital signage in CoB up and running.

Migrate CoB from Network Drives to Box On Hold David Hartline
Migrating file storage from network drives to box would improve security, reduce CoB cost, allow more user flexibility, and provide an improved mobile and remote expereience.
Automate Regular Printing Usage Reporting to Departments In Progress Ty Biggerstaff Collaborate with ITS UNL to automate 'papercut' print usage statistics reporting to CoB departments.
Migrate Select Email Lists to Grouper Managed Lists In Progress Eli Morton
Migrating email lists such as "CBA All", "CBA Faculty", "CBA Staff" and others to grouper managed groups would allow automated list updating directly from HR data feeds, improving update speed and improving accuracy.
Migrate Select Active Directory Security Groups to Grouper Managed Groups On Hold Jeff Sherrill
Migrating security groups from individually manged groups to grouper manged groups would allow security access to files or printers to be done automatically based on employee data from HR fields, improving security and reliability.
Reduce Classroom Monitor Visual Footprint On Hold David Hartline
Replace classroom monitors with smaller and/or angled monitors so the view from students to the white boards are not as obstructed.
TLC Projector Installation On Hold David Hartline Install a projector in the TLC
TLC Video Recording Studeo Implimentation On Hold David Hartline
Install self paced video production room the the TLC in a style similar to the Center for Sales Excellence
Install Additional Digital Signage for the Strengths Institute On Hold Jeff Sherrill Install one or two digital sign displays with special content for the area.
Begin Regular Security Scans of CoB Endpoints On Hold Jeff Sherrill Begin regular malware, threat, and security scanning on CoB endpoints.
Install Digital Signage Display for the TLC On Hold David Hartline Install Digital Signage Display for the TLC
Qualtrics Branding and Onboarding Procedure Updates On Hold David Hartline
Make Qualtrics easier to find and sign up for as a CoB user and update the branding. Better incorporate Qualtrics research services.
Install a Lecture Capture Device in Auditorium B Pending David Hartline
In collaboration with ITS UNL, install a hardware based lecture capture, and possible leacture streaming, device in auditorium B
Graduate Student PC Upgrades In Progress Cody Rieken (Student worker with Jeff Sherrill)
Replace existing graduate student computers with Optiplex 7020s that were previously used by faculty and staff. This project includes the data migration from the previous computers to the new ones.
New Hire Training Tutorials/Onboarding On Hold Jeff Sherrill
Review the tutorials and material available for College of Business employees. New tutorials will be need to be created to represent additional services and to replace outdated information.
Internal Documentation Updates On Hold Jeff Sherrill
Review the CoB ITS Knowledge Base tools to provide additional infromation and update other information to reflect new tools and services as well as remove any out dated information.
SAS Renewals Complete Jeff Sherrill
SAS will be expiring this month. The Projects and Infrastructure team will be working to renew SAS on client machines and labs.
Software License Database On Hold Jeff Sherrill
We will be looking to create a database that allows us to more easily track software that has been purchased and any license files that are tied to the purchase.
Disaster Recovery Planning On Hold Jeff Sherrill
Review the CoB ITS technology disaster recovery plan and recommend suggestions to improve the plan.
Business Continuity Plan On Hold Jeff Sherrill
Review the CoB ITS technology business continuity plan and recommend suggestions to improve the plan.
Define Change Management Process On Hold David Hartline
Review potential change management tools and review how we might use a change management tool for group policy, access, and other areas of IT.
Audit Drive Access and cba- Accounts On Hold Jeff Sherrill
Review each network drive to confrim access and remove access that’s not needed. Also, disable any old cba- accounts for users who have left.
Audit H Drives On Hold Jeff Sherrill
Find any H:/ drives for individuals not at the college and delete them to save space and money for the college.
New Active Directory Security Groups On Hold Jeff Sherrill
Review all of the Active Directory security groups used in the college. Create new ones that are needed for use in the grouper project and also create additional ones as needed.
Network Printer Permissions Review On Hold Jeff Sherrill
Review all of the network attached printers in the college and look into assigning permissions automatically based on either group policy or active directory groups.
Install Sound Absorption in New Media Studio On Hold Davis Pidany Install sound absorbing foam in the new media studio to improve audio quality.
MBA Video Revitalization Project - Round 1 Complete Davis Podany Prepare new distance MBA videos
New Media Metrics On Hold Davis Podany Develop new metrics to illustrate new media demand and usage to help with decision making
Behavioral Lab Reservation System Complete James Fairchild Develop a reservation website for the marketing behavioral lab.
Verify CoB Canon & Network Printers are in Order In Progress Ty Biggerstaff Ensure printers are in order before reducing desktop printer usage.



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