Accessing Video Library

Accessing the CARMA Video Library and Powerpoint Slides

Organizations participating in the CARMA Consortium Webcast Program and in the CARMA International Video Library Program have access to the CARMA Video Library. The videos and slides are available to any person linked to a member organization as long as they are registered CARMA Website Users and they use an email address provided by the organization. For example, if a person is a University of North Dakota student, he/she must first register as a CARMA Website User using their UND email address (which always ends with If you are not a registered CARMA Website User, click here. Any person may update his/her email address at any time in the “CARMA Website User Area”.

Once a potential viewer is a registered CARMA Website User, they can obtain access to the videos and slides by using the link on the top navigation bar and accessing the "Video Library".

In preparation for watching the videos, please be sure that:

  • You have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your viewing machine. Click here to get Microsoft Silverlight for free.
  • The network that this machine is connected to allows video streaming of Mediasite presentations. Some network firewalls are configured to block Mediasite streaming. If the streaming of this type of file is blocked by your network’s firewall, your viewing computer will not be able to receive the video. Therefore, if you have any problems with receiving the video streaming, please check with your network administrator.