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The University of Nebraska ENACTUS team (formerly SIFE) is truly a world class student organization. The organization was founded in 1988 with only eight members. Since then it has experienced exponential growth. Currently, we have 60 active members from 8 different countries and 20+ majors. UNL Enactus has won more than 30 regional and national awards recognizing our dedication to lifelong learning, practicing, and teaching of free enterprise and entrepreneurship.

They are now ranked in the top 40 of over 600 teams in the United States.

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Each year, projects vary. Some years we may have the same as the last, but others may be entirely new. What each project has in common each year is that they benefit some sort of community need. It is our mission, along with Enactus Worldwide, to impact people, increase profit, and sustain our planet.

UNL Enactus has five projects this year, in addition to owning three non-profit businesses that fund our projects.

Two of the businesses we run are the Daily Drip and Ground State Cafe, which operate out of the College of Business Administration and Jorgensen Hall. These coffee shops provide a place for students and faculty to get a quick drink or snack between classes, as well as a place to lounge and relax during breaks. We are now offering Chinese food prepared on Thursdays from the Shen Cafe, which is available during lunch.

The second is UNL Surplus Solutions, an eBay business owned and managed by Enactus. We take old equipment and materials from all around UNL and sell them online, keeping some to fund projects and giving the rest back to the University. Not only is it a great form of revenue, it is a way to recycle materials that would otherwise become pollution. It also provides an internship for local high school students to get an entrepreneurial experience before they even get to college.