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Economics Challenge

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Every year the Nebraska Council on Economic Education, in conjunction with its University of Nebraska - Lincoln Center for Economic Education hosts the Nebraska Economics Challenge.

The Challenge is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of Economic Literacy by competing with other students across the state in written and "Quiz Bowl" examinations.

Student participants receive certificates of recognition, awards and accolades.

Teachers and Students throughout the State will be able to participate regardless of travel or budgetary constraints. In the first round each team of up to five students in two divisions will complete online exams that cover topics in macro, micro and international economics. After round one, the top ten teams in each division will be invited to come to Lincoln for the State Finals.

Division Eligibility

All high school students are eligible. No formal courses in economics are required. Any team of students interested in economics is encouraged to compete. Schools may enter multiple teams in their qualifying divisions.


The "Adam Smith" Division is restricted to students enrolled in courses labeled AP, IB, honors, differentiated, or college level. Any economics course as a two-semester course also falls in this division.

The "David Ricardo" Division is restricted to students enrolled in one-semester or less high school course not labeled as AP, IB, honors, differentiated, or college level.

The decision regarding the best division for a team is ultimately the choice of the teacher; however, teams are encouraged to compete in the division that would challenge them the most.

Support from the Nebraska Council

In order to make this fantastic activity available to as many students as possible the Nebraska Council on Economic Education will pay the registration fees of every team that participates. For those that are invited to the State Finals, travel and lodging stipends may be available.